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It is possible to be a mom and also be really fit.

Before I had a baby, I thought that motherhood meant my best ‘body’ days were over. But when I became pregnant, I decided to get a special certification in pre and postnatal fitness. (I’m a nurse and I love learning everything I can about the human body).

And guess what I learned?

*With specialized programing and nutrition strategies

it is totally possible to be a mom AND IN THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE!*

Now I know - Maternity leave can be a dark time, sometimes lonely, a struggle to get a shower let alone motivation to work-out.

Your body shifts and can feel like someone played a Rubiks cube with your parts.

You fantasize about sleeping more than 1hr and 20 minutes in a row.

You can't get off the couch or out from under a baby.

Does this sound like you??

I get it -  I was there and I have heard this from the hundreds of women I have trained over the past 11 years.

As a professional (and fellow human mum) I am here to tell you that you CAN use this time AS A RESET BUTTON AND GET YOUR STRONGEST BODY YET.

And it's zero guilt because you have your baby with you, either lulled to sleep in a stroller or seeing the sights of the park, getting out of the house, into a new environment.

Not only that, - you can meet other mamas who are going through the exact same thing as you and yes, we all do find poop stories funny.

And here’s the real bonus:

Once you start making exercise fit in your life, everything else will fall into place.

You will gain confidence and reignite the fire within that is the core of who you are.

Click here to get started on YOUR Kick Ass Mom Bod!

“I recommend stroller fit to all of my mommy-friends! Caroline is positive and encouraging, and has a knack for making everyone feel welcome! Discussion is encouraged, moms are pushed to work hard, and by the end of the season everyone has new some new friends and a stronger body. A baby-friendly class for moms of every fitness level! Stroller fit showed me that it is possible to be strong and fit after having babies, and that it's an important thing to make time for in order to be the best mom you can be. Definitely 5 stars!!"

Kathryn B, mom of  2

"Since starting Stroller Fit in July and continuing it into the winter months. I have noticed so many changes in my body and my mental health. Physically my body is in better shape then before i got pregnant, I’ve never had abs before. Mentally I would describe it as ‘Clear’. I have never felt so strong. I don’t just look good I FEEL good. I am also able to enjoy this journey with my baby girl which i think is so special. She has gotten to watch me make the decision to better myself and I love that she gets to witness my journey."


-Emily, Mom of Addie See more of Emily's story on her blog:

<danielle, with="" her="" stroller="" fit="" tribe="" after="" a="" 5k="" race.

"Caroline is an incredible person and has developed a fantastic opportunity for moms and their little ones to be fit, be strong, be social and have fun! This class did wonders for helping me get out there and meet some amazing mommas and helped me find a strength I didn't know I had! I highly recommend Strollerfit!!" - Danielle, Mom of Mason


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